The crew

We are more than 90 expert palliative care volunteers who believe that quality services in cancer care should reach out to people with fewer opportunities.​

Mariana Hernández


Public Accountant and Financial Strategist. I received my bachelor’s degree from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM). I have postgraduate studies in Corporate Consulting and a Master’s degree in Social Responsibility from the same University. I have also studied different humanistic courses and interpersonal psychology courses, such as Thanatology, Reiki, Semiology of Every Day Life, Thetahealing, Pineal Connection, Numerology, and Universal Energy.


My passion is to interact with love, dedication and altruism with people who suffer cancer and who lack the necessary conditions to get full assistance in a country where cancer patients’ index is growing exponentially.  Today, solidarity responsibility and commitment are essential values to collaborate in creating the country (México) which we all aim at having. 

Elisa Fesh


B.A. in Business Administration .  Degree she has from the ITAM.  Currently, I work in a bank.

My mission is to help raise public awareness to get active and responsible cooperation which should help improve the quality of life of cancer patients who live in vulnerable sectors in extreme poverty.


My interest in participating with “Before Leaving” comes from a personal experience, when I realized that not all cancer patients have the same opportunity to have palliative care and alternative medicine to improve their living conditions. 

María Eugenia Téllez

Founding Partner

Public Accountant – more than 30 years experience in this field.

In the last few years, I have actively participated in courses and conventions related to Thanatology, Reiki, Semiology of Daily Life and Thetahealing.


I experienced cancer through my son.   In the first event, we won the battle and my son lived more than 20 years with good quality of life.  In the second Gerardo relapsed.  Due to this fact, was that we realized how limited palliative care is for people in Mexico and thus we decided to found “Before Leaving,  A. C.” This we did in order to reduce physical pain and psychological suffering of cancer patients.  The idea is to work for them. 

Gerardo Jiménez


Philosopher, Therapist, Writer and Semiologist of Every Day Life. 



One of my most important motivations has been to find sense in life and help others to find it also. This can be attained when you understand the meaning of death. To help people to reconcile lovingly with themselves so as to be able to leave in peace, which is one of the objectives of “Before Leaving, A. C. as well as my own. 

Carmen Morales




B. A. in International Studies.  Specialist in Project Management and Public Relations. 

“Before Leaving” means that I can ground my project of love and commitment and my dreams to help people, who because they have been diagnosed with cancer, feel it impossible to find hope, sense of fullness and happiness in their present.


My commitment is to work daily so that both patients and their families have a better physical, emotional and spiritual quality of life. 

Dra. María Luisa Ramírez


Surgeon for the School of Medicine at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, private medical and forensic expert, with a specialty on Family Medicine at IMSS, as well as the pain and palliative care clinic.

My duty as a doctor is increase the quality of life of the patient through palliative care. Diminishing the pain and symptoms caused by their terminal illness and help them through this process with as little suffering and most peace of mind, feeds my soul.

Thank you, Antes de Partir, for the chance to accompany patients and their families.

Dr. Alejandro Rey


Being a doctor for vocation implies having the gift of serving others.



The pleasure of treating patients by helping them to relieve their pain, is by itself motive enough to feel alive and to feel that our path in life is not in vain. Thus, belonging to “Before Leaving, A. C.” and participating is a great opportunity to put into practice the gift of serving. It is moving to know what gave birth to this Association and being a member is an incentive to our spirit.  I am grateful to be part of this dream come true.

Alberto Páez

Operation and Human Resources Manager.

“Before Leaving” means that I can ground my project of love and commitment and my dreams to help people, who because they have been diagnosed with cancer, feel it impossible to find hope, sense of fullness and happiness in their present.


My commitment is to work daily so that both patients and their families have a better physical, emotional and spiritual quality of life. 

María del Pilar Díaz

General Coordinator

Service General Coordinator in the Moctezuma Pediatric Hospital.

The main reason that I have for participating in “Before Leaving” is to be able to provide loving and altruistic service to relieve pain of both patients and their families during this process and be able to give meaning to their losses and transform them into gains. 

Lizbeth Noreña Cámara

General Coordinator


General Coordinator giving service to the Highly Specialized Oncology Hospital of the IMSS Century 21  and of the Children’s Hospital Federico Gómez

Clinical Thanatologist and Palliative Care.

What moves me is my love to give service by helping patients and their families who are going through difficult moments when losing their health.  I also want to be with them, listen to them and keep them during the disease’s process so they might enjoy and share the best they have.   To live before leaving! 

Sara Guizar

Play Therapy Coordinator.

Play Therapy Coordination in Moctezuma Pediatric Hospital. 

Thanatology, Reiki, Successful Aging.


Love is the most important feeling of humankind.  It allows us to understand, to serve, to support, to share and to respect as well as to share a living.  “Before Leaving” gives me the opportunity to give sense to my life, by giving love to children and all those people who are suffering from cancer. Their words and their grateful expressions, especially those of children, give me comfort and invite me to give the best of myself to the Association. 

Dra. Julia Salinas Dücke

Clinical Nutrition Coordinator

As a medical doctor specialized in clinical nutrition, I have learnt, through my patients, that food not only nourishes and sustains our biological side, but also moves our emotions and feeds our spirit leaving memories which transcend to our loved ones even before leaving. I am grateful to this association for having given me the opportunity of giving patients and their families a better quality of life through good nutrition Participating in “Before Leaving” is paying homage to those marvelous people, who as patients, trusted me throughout the difficult process that terminal diseases bring about.  They left an unforgettable seed of giving and service. 

Víctor Manuel Palacios

Play Therapy Coordinator

Play Therapy coordination in Moctezuma Pediatric Hospital. 

B. A. in Business Administration with specialization in Project Development, Play Therapist, Thanatologist, Reiki professional and specialist in successful aging. I am grateful to belong to the team “BEFORE LEAVING”, since supporting those who require encouragement in their lives represents a great satisfaction that leads to personal growth and also represents a great commitment to participate, being responsible of one of the activities which might strengthen the Organization.

Alan Ángel

Community Manager

Being part of the association Before Parting fills me with much joy and satisfaction, especially because I think that helping those who need it the most is a very noble work and dedication to others, and I like to think that through what I have studied for so long I can contribute a bit to the cause.

Carlos Castillo


Being part of an association like it is before leaving, fills me with satisfaction and pleasure and, in turn, awakens in me a humanist and solidary sense. It fills me with pride to belong to this great altruistic team, capable of understanding human weakness, that strives daily to bring the necessary help to sick patients and their families; a team that seeks to make dreams come true and give a little hope, joy and quality of life.
I am grateful to Before Parting to be part of your team and allow me from my position, as a graphic design coordinator, to contribute to this cause through commitment and day to day delivery. Maintaining the image of the Association updated, so that the information reaches the eyes of all the people who trust us.

Erik Guevara


My mission is the creation and direction of projects, as well as contact with companies for tax-deductible donations. I work in conjunction with Coaching groups, creating and adapting strategies to obtain funds and the sale of official products of the Association.

Before Parting is a point and separate in my life. I started doing my Social Service in Hospitals, when visiting, I was committed to the cause. We can all change the world and the association has allowed me to do it. Anyone interested in supporting the cause is welcome, there is so much to do and to achieve, every project and event fills me with satisfaction to see that the work done is for the good of our children and their families.

From day one this was not my job but my legacy.